Outdoor Family Photo Shoot in Albrighton, Wolverhampton

Outdoor Family Photo Shoot Albrighton, nr Wolverhampton

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this gorgeous family for an outdoor family photo shoot Albrighton near Wolverhampton last month. Although a really grey and dull day,  the little one’s red hair distracted me from feeling any chills!

They also brought along their family dog for the photo shoot – he was gorgeous and in and out of the water and rolling in the mud before I could click! Together we all took a relaxed stroll on a countryside walk in Albrighton near Wolverhampton, no time pressure as my outdoor photo shoots give you up to two hours, and I asked them just to be together as they normally would and I photograph what unfolds. Of course, with everything there were elements of asking them to stand in a certain place and in a particular way, but then I ask them still to interact with one another as they normally would. This way the results are natural and happy.

At one point I asked the family to walk towards me and naturally the parents started to swing their daughter and I was able to capture a funny moment of when her wellington boot came flying off. Also, towards the end of the family photo session, we were asking the little one to point at her nose and in good ol’ two year old fashion, the finger went straight up her nose instead!

Mum had also colour coordinated everyone perfectly for the outdoor family photo shoot with lovely outfits, and adding a splash of colour with the pink wellington boots.

I absolutely loved this session, and look forward to capturing more outdoor family photo shoots this spring, hopefully with a little bit of sunshine instead please Mr Weather Man!

Laura May x





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