You know when you hear a song for the first time in ages, and the nostalgia bubbles as you turn it up and sing along? A wedding photo can conjure up a thousand memories of good times too. As your wedding photographer, this is how I want you to feel about your wedding photos for years to come.


“Laura was incredible, she was able to give us advice and guidance on all sorts of topics, and made us feel really special. We wanted someone we could laugh with and get along with, who could capture moments of laughter, joy and elegance without making anyone feel uncomfortable.”


about Laura

Hello! I’m Laura, a Shropshire wedding photographer but my big ol’ adventurous heart means I love to photograph weddings all over the UK.

I’ve been trusted with capturing weddings in London, Cornwall, Carlisle, everywhere in between and frequently in and around my home county of Shropshire

My storytelling approach to your wedding means I deliver big, beautiful storytelling galleries of your wedding day giving you nostalgic feels for years to come. In-the-moment wedding photographs of you and your guests celebrating the day blended with some stunning couple portraits. 

Couples trust me to capture their day authentically, unobtrusively and know I have everything under control. You’ll feel gorgeous, at ease and have a really personal experience with me. 

You’re looking for photos with feeling!

Nothing stiff, nothing posed.

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Heather + Matthew, Newport

Laura. We love them so much. Beautiful beautiful images and I can feel the warmth of the day through them. You are magical!

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