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Family and friends are a big part of my life, and not forgetting my French Bulldog Reggie.

I love to spend time with my nieces and nephew, outdoors walking with Reggie and being in London as much as possible with my closest friends sipping a pint at the local in Peckham having a good catch up!

After the last few years I am so excited to start traveling again and ticking off more places from my bucket list - I am a total adventurer at heart and love to explore new places.

Day to day I like to meditate, journal, drink copious green tea with lemon and practice yoga. Recently I started lifting weights in the gym - and I am loving it!

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I cannot remember some photos being taken and it’s exactly what we wanted. We didn’t want to feel like we were being followed by paparazzi and you allowed us to enjoy our day and captured everything!! You are exactly what we wanted in a photographer. ❤️

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My family are HUGE believers in documenting family life and it’s something I have carried on into my life - we have pictures of every event, holiday, milestone…you name it there was someone there with a camera. Scroll down to see a small selection from the family’s personal album.

If you’d like to read more about how I became a photographer you can do so on my blog here.

Although based in Shropshire, I love an adventure and will cover the whole of the UK, and I especially love a London wedding - a great excuse for me to pop in for a hug and a drink with my friends! 

If you’re thinking we’re sounding like a great match, please get in touch

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“…Laura made us feel totally relaxed and at ease - she felt like the encouraging friend we needed and wanted to get the best out of us…thank you Laura, we will always think of you when we look at our photos, and remember how much fun we had!”


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