If you’re a little apprehensive of having your photo taken, don’t worry. I get it. I used to avoid being in front of the camera like the plague. It used to give me real anxiety. But when I was in need of some personal branding headshots for my business, I was careful to choose a photographer who I knew would set me at ease and I actually had a great time being photographed. I still remember the feeling of relief and excitement to see the images!  

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Whatever your story, Reggie and I are dying to hear all about it. Your story is what makes you so unmistakably “you”. 

Whether I’m working with couples, families or women, my goal is simple. I want to help you feel comfortable, happy, beautiful and at your most authentic in front of my camera. 

I love what I do. I’ve been shooting awesome weddings and everything in between since 2016 and working with relaxed, friendly people who value great photography makes my job one of the best around. When it comes to my work, I’m patient, passionate and I work extra hard to understand what my clients need from me. 

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You can’t beat a live music gig. Growing up near Wolverhampton Civic, I have seen a lot of shows there. A great venue. 

Yoga retreats! Most recently in Goa and Ibiza.

I once took part in a Gumball Rally from London to Monaco with three work colleagues in a Toyota Prius

I have travelled around Iceland, Australia, NYC, Las Vegas, Moscow, Hong Kong, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Corfu, Germany (Rock AM Festival!)

Glastonbury is my spiritual home and where my inner hippy comes alive. 

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