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Personal Branding Photography

Autumn & Winter 2023 bookings now open!

Celebrate YOU by choosing a headshot and branding photographer to take a professional yet creative personal branding photo, it’s important you choose a photographer on your wavelength. 

for people who want to let their essence shine!  

Something more you!

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As a fellow creative, I know you don’t want to look like a used car salesman from the early ‘90s but nor do you want to look unprofessional. Your images need to strike a balance between relaxed and inviting, with absolutely zero cringe-factor guaranteed.

By working with you before the session, I create personal branding stories for your business which captures the essence of who you are and what you do. If you’re looking for something a less corporate and more you…let’s chat!

You will feel relaxed but still look professional, and come away with editorial-esque images to level up your online presence so people will really connect with who you are.

Do invest in your branding photography: it’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent. 


in Shropshire, London & the UK

Bella Foxwell, LONDON

Laura put me at ease immediately, telling stories, making me smile, and making the entire process fun and relaxing. It's because of this that my photos came out so well and I have a new gallery of brand photos that I absolutely love.

“ Laura! What can I say? Hands down the best photo shoot I've ever had. You have a magical way of finding the perfect angle and most somehow (magic again?) made me feel at ease when all I wanted to do was run from the camera! ” 

Louise Ross, Autumn rabbit

FAQs this way

I work very closely with you to develop images that represent you and your business, because at the end of the day you are at the heart of your business and your images must reflect who you truly are. By choosing a personal branding photographer whose work is high quality and whose vibe you like…you’ll likely be delighted with the results. 

In front of my lens, you’ll feel at ease and happy, and we’ll nail some amazing shots that come across as both professional and personal. 

I work with all sorts of professionals. Voiceover actors, fitness professionals, business coaches, mentors and many, many more. They all have one shared goal: to come across in the right light to the right client. Your website and your social channels are your shop windows so they need to look sensational. 

feel at ease + happy


ideal for those who want a few images for socials, PR purposes and maybe a refresh session if you've had a branding session before.


ideal for individuals who want multiple images for their social media and website photographed in one location with a few different looks.


ideal for businesses who have more than one person, multiple services, want to use multiple locations, have lots of products to be photographed with. 


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    "Laura captured my tattoo studio perfectly & the mood of the photos compliment my branding down to a tee!! I was so impressed!

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    AUTUMN + WINTER bookings now open!

    Frequently Asked Questions

     What is PERSONAL BRANDING photography?

    Personal branding photography is a specialised genre of photography focusing on capturing and conveying the unique essence, personality, and story of an individual or creative professional. It goes beyond traditional headshots or portrait photography and is designed to help individuals, entrepreneurs, artists, and influencers establish a strong and authentic online presence.

    In personal branding photography, the goal is to create a visual narrative that communicates your brand identity, values, and message to your target audience. This often involves working closely with a photographer who understands your vision and helps you showcase your personality and expertise in a relatable and approachable way.

    What should I wear for MY PERSONAL BRANDING photoshoot?

    Wear clothing which reflects your personal style and brand identity. It's essential to feel comfortable and confident in what you choose; this is not the time to try out new looks. We can discuss wardrobe options and ideas during our consultation call to ensure your outfits align with your creative vision.

    How do you help clients feel relaxed during the photoshoot?

    Creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for the personal branding photography session is a top priority. I start by getting to know you and your brand, which helps build a connection. During the session, I provide guidance and direction while encouraging natural expressions and poses. We'll also take breaks when needed and keep the mood light, so you can enjoy the process and showcase your authentic self.