Relaxed newborn baby photo session at home in Shrewsbury

When I’m not capturing weddings or business owners, you can find me on a family or relaxed newborn baby photo session

It’s a privilege to photograph special moments between loved ones. Particularly when a baby is just a few weeks old and brand new to the world!

In this blog I’ll take you behind the scenes of a relaxed newborn baby photo session I did at my clients’ home in Shrewsbury.

It featured an heirloom cot and a gorgeous black cat…

Let’s go!

What it’s like to have a newborn baby photoshoot

Gorgeous baby was still very new to the world when I photographed her, her mum and her dad in November. It’s a lovely age to get photos taken, because—and I know it’s a cliché, but sometimes clichés are true—it goes by so fast!

I also love newborn baby photo sessions because when your day is taken up with a new bundle of joy, it’s so rare to get photos of all three of you together. 

That’s also why I love doing these sessions at home, to help you and the baby feel as relaxed as possible. Especially at this age, baby was mostly just doing a lot of (very cute) yawning and sleeping—so why wouldn’t you want to capture that from the comfort of your own home? This allowed us to take various different photos—mum and baby, dad and baby, all three together, mum breastfeeding, baby sleeping peacefully on the bed—as the day naturally progressed. 

You may be surprised to know that my approach to newborn baby photo sessions is very similar to my wedding and branding work too: nothing too manufactured, immortalising what happens as it unfolds. It’s these “ordinary” moments that build to make the extraordinary ones, after all. We even got some photos of their fourth family member, their gorgeous black cat!

Newborn baby photography packages 

I offer an “all inclusive” collection so you know exactly what you’re paying up front. No hidden surprises here! I spend around 1 to 1.5 hours with you in your home and you receive all the printable high resolution jpegs from the session to download from a private online gallery. The collection price also includes all studio editing time also. Travel/mileage is usually included but for anyone a little further afield from Shropshire I may add an additional small fee but that will always be quoted before you book. You can see the collection on this newborn photography dedicated page.

Newborn baby photography at home

When I’m photographing a newborn baby photo session at home, I generally tend to shoot in the main bedroom, the baby’s nursery, and the lounge, because the natural light is usually best in these three spots. 

This Mum and Dad’s home in Shrewsbury was no different, with gorgeous tall windows that flooded the room with daylight even on a cold November day. I also absolutely adored the colour and decor of their bedroom, with lush olive green walls and grey bed linen. 

Also, how cute is baby’s cot set up? Do they do those in adult sizes? This cot had actually been in the family for generations, with mum’s Great Grandmother sleeping in it way back when!

I also always recommend scanning the room for anything you wouldn’t want in the background of the images—think functional-but-not-particularly-pretty alarm clocks, or gels and lotions, etc. However, don’t worry too much about this, because I can always help with this on the day, too.

Fancy booking your own newborn baby photo session at home?

Firstly, congratulations on your new arrival. How exciting! If you’d like some photos of your new arrival, please do get in touch here (click on the “families and newborn” tab), and we can get a date in the diary. I can’t wait to chat to you!

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