What is lifestyle newborn baby photography?

dad and mum sat cuddling looking at their newborn baby

If you’re considering booking a lifestyle newborn baby photography session, but you’re not sure how it works or what it could look like: you’ve come to the right place. Welcome!

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of photographing baby N at home in Shrewsbury with her mum and dad. They moved into this house at the beginning of 2020, and were able to spend the lockdowns completely renovating it. 

The result is the stunning home they live in now, which made the perfect backdrop for this gorgeous photoshoot. Not just because it looked so amazing—which as you can see, it absolutely did!—but because it meant so much to the family, too.

How I create a relaxed newborn baby photoshoot

When I’m shooting lifestyle newborn baby photography, I tend to shoot in the main bedroom, the baby’s nursery and the lounge, as this is generally where the light is best. We used all of these spaces for baby N, making the most of the big bay windows and the dark feature wall in the lounge, as well as the muted tones of their sofas. The main bedroom was another treat, with the wall behind the bed decked out in crane wallpaper, which reminded me of storks!

Unusually for a newborn family shoot, we also shot in their kitchen, because it was a beautiful, open-plan space where the light was just too good not to. It also meant I could frame Mum and Dad with the shelf of cards they’d received congratulating them on their new arrival.

Lifestyle Newborn Photography Pricing

I offer an “all inclusive” collection so you know exactly what you’re paying up front. No hidden surprises here! I spend around 1 to 1.5 hours with you in your home and you receive all the printable high resolution jpegs from the session to download from a private online gallery. The collection price also includes all studio editing time also. Travel/mileage is usually included but for anyone a little further afield from Shropshire I may add an additional small fee but that will always be quoted before you book. You can see the collection on this newborn photography dedicated page.

What I recommend you wear for a newborn baby photoshoot

While I took a couple of photos of baby N with her dad, her mum changed out of a jeans and shirt combination and into a pair of dungarees and a t-shirt. I always recommend wearing something comfy for the shoot, because there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable when you’re having your photo taken. I also recommend wearing neutral or muted tones, if that’s what you usually wear. This will help the photos feel more timeless.

Here, we had two great examples of that. Baby N had a few outfit changes too, including a buttery yellow romper and a floral babygrow.

In just over an hour, we got so many gorgeous shots — of the three of them together, of baby N with each parent individually, of baby feeding, snoozing, and, of course, with those gorgeous eyes open and playful too. 

This is what I love most about this kind of relaxed, natural, lifestyle photography – I get to capture the moments that might seem run-of-the-mill, but are actually pretty magical (you made new life! And they’re here! And it’s wonderful!). Then you get to keep them forever, so that you can remember them even when your baby is 18 years old and 6’5”!

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If you’re looking to book lifestyle newborn baby photography in Shrewsbury or further afield, you can get in touch here (click on the “families and newborn” tab) — I’d love to chat. 

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The Photography: Captured with 2 x Sony A7iii’s – a 24-70 g master and 85mm g master

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