Do We Need Group Photos at Our Wedding?

So many couples ask me “Do we need group photos at our wedding?” and as your wedding photographer my answer is YAAAS!

They are 100% a worthy investment of your precious time on your wedding day. 

And lucky for you, I’ve now fine-tuned my group shot taking skills so they’re captured quickly and efficiently, allowing you to get back to mingling and celebrating with your guests…

… the most important bit, right? *high five* 

Photos to frame

I went back and asked some past couples which photos they love and which they’ve printed, framed and take pride of place on their walls. Can you guess which ones those were? Yup! The group photos came out on top. 

The reason? They are the images where both you and your nearest and dearest – especially the older relatives who don’t stay till the end of the night – are in one happy shot. And years after the wedding takes place, it’s likely you’ll cherish these photos too. 

Totally worthy of that 30 minutes on your wedding day, yes? 

What group photos should be taken at my wedding?

This blog is to prompt you to start thinking about which groups you would like. 

Six weeks before your wedding I email you a questionnaire to fill in, which gives me all the information I need to create a timeline. Included in this is your group photo requests. I give you a list which you can tick to select your requested groups, and there’s also a box for you to add any extras you’d like. 

I suggest trying to limit the number of group shots you request to around six. I can do more, but we come back to the issue of time. Group shots take time and it’s something to factor into your wedding timeline. 

I am super organised now with how I manage group shots, so we can whizz through them as quickly as possible and get you back to enjoying your wedding! 

Who is included in staged photos at weddings? 

It’s 100% your choice which group photos we capture at your wedding. Usual group photos include both of you with parents, extended family members, all guests, wedding party peeps… and so on. 

Before the wedding, I ask you to give me each group and everybody’s name within those groups. This speeds things up and means you don’t have to worry that someone will be missed out of the shot!

Wedding day group shot ideas

For the majority of group photos I have a very relaxed and joyful approach. I stand you in a line, get you looking at the camera, looking at each other, and I’ll make you laugh too. 

I also love to style out group photos. These tend to be group photos of you with your wedding party, but I’ve been known to do them with family members too. It’s your choice. 

If you’d like to have some styled group photos (like below) then I would do these at a different time on the wedding day to when I photograph the bulk of the group photos. They take a little time for me to plan, especially if I use chairs or do them indoors. 

If you’d like some group photos styled out, this is something we can discuss.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about this!

Laura xx




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