Indian Fusion Wedding

Indian Fusion Wedding Celebrations in the Midlands

Wow…what to say about this gorgeous Indian fusion wedding which ended the three day celebrations at the West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcestershire! So much love, colour, music, food and, my favourite, DANCING across all the days – it was a JOY to be their wedding photographer.

The Mehndi

On Thursday night I arrived at Anjali’s parents house in Bromsgrove for the Mehndi where henna is used to apply intricate designs to hands and feet of the female guests and kick started the Indian wedding! It had been raining all day, but the sun came out for the evening and the guests were able to spill out into the garden which was decorated with so much colour! Cameron’s mum had made cakes and there was different teas for the guests to drink, and the bride’s family had made Indian food to nibble on!

The Ceremony

The next day we headed to the Shri Venkateswara (Balaji) Temple in Tividale for the ceremony. I met with Cameron and his family and friends in the carpark, who was led by drums and dancing to the temple to meet and exchange gifts with the bride’s family – so everyone gets straight into the celebratory spirit!

Once inside everyone can help themselves to food and drink and we awaited the arrival of the bride – who was 30 minutes early! Brilliant. This actually helped later on as there was some time for couple portraits which we hadn’t scheduled in due to time.

Anjali looked amazing in her red Hindu wedding dress with stunning embellished saree. The red was stunning and Anjali explained to me it’s traditional for Hindu bride’s to wear red as it symbolises luck and happiness.

Over the course of the ceremony the couple take part in various traditional elements under the mandap on a stage, which also includes the parents of bride and groom and the men of the bride’s family. Rice is exchanged and ghee is poured into the central fire – symbolising a wish of happiness for the marriage.

Anjali and Cameron’s garments were tied together and Anjali’s grandmother was very adamant they were not to untie this until the end of the day! Obviously I had to ask about the toilet situation, and Cameron had to take off his scarf and Anjali would hold it – come on, I know you were thinking it too! After being tied together the couple circled the fire seven times – each circle representing a blessing.

Couple Portraits

After the ceremony had finished all the guests greeted the couple, and showered them in flowers. We then headed out for some couple portraits – I couldn’t not do any as Anjali just looked so incredible (and you too, Cameron!) There was lots of backdrops, stairs and archways to make the most of and create some gorgeous wedding portraits.

All the guests were invited to eat and drink and socialise while we captured these lovely moments!

The day was also special for the bride’s father and twin sister, who had flown in from America, were celebrating their birthday. Before I left there was a round of ‘happy birthday’ and a surprise cake!

The Reception Party

Saturday was the party – and what a venue to hold it in! The West Midlands Safari Park wedding venue was ace and all the guests arrived bang on time. After a quick couple shoot as Anjali had another amazing dress – this time pink! The guests were treated to an animal encounter, and a drink reception in the gardens. They were then all treated to dinner; a lovely Indian banquet – it was delicious, thanks so much for feeding me!

After dinner, there was a surprise visit from the Lions of Punjab for a Bhangra dancing performance and to get the party started. What a performance! They led everyone downstairs to the underground cellar dance floor and the party continued into the early hours!

Three days of wedding photography = a rather large gallery! But I loved every second of it. I would LOVE to photograph more Indian weddings so please do contact me to chat about it!

Laura xx



  1. Grandma says:

    Laura May captured the atmosphere wonderfully of a truly amazing Wedding. Many thanks.

    • lauramay says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment letting me know how much you love the preview! It was such a great wedding, thank YOU for making me feel so welcome. Laura xx

  2. Barbara Deans says:

    Dear Laura,
    Very much enjoyed looking at the stunning preview photos. Look forward to seeing the rest. You were so efficient over the 3 days. Thank you. Barbara and Robert

    • lauramay says:

      Hi Barbara and Robert – thanks so much for your lovely message. It was such a great wedding and I am so happy to have been apart of it. Laura xx

  3. Sunil Malhotra says:

    Laura you have indeed captured sweet memories on Anjali’s and Cameron wedding. Well done, bless you. Xxxx



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