How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Album Photos

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After the delight of reliving your wedding day with your photo gallery, the next thing on your to-do list is choosing the perfect wedding album photos – exciting! 

But just before we dive in on how to choose your wedding album photos – first let me say that it’s really important to enjoy the process. Most galleries are easily 800+ images and it can feel a little overwhelming knowing where to start.

So, block out a chunk of time together, grab a gin and read through these tips before you begin!

How to choose the perfect wedding album photos

I use the luxury, hand-made Queensberry albums for holding your wedding day memories – they are just gorgeous! I’ve known Jo Newman from Queensberry for a long time – we met right back when I first started out in wedding photography – and I have her to thank for this brilliant film analogy to keep in mind when choosing the perfect wedding album photos.  

Tell the story… 

I capture your wedding in a way that tells a story. You look back at your gallery and there’s a start, middle and end, with details in between. When Jo told me about this technique for selecting images, naturally I loved it! 

Imagine your favourite film when making your choices: 

  • Set the scene (venue, scenery etc)
  • Provide some detail (close ups – dress, rings, table decorations, flowers etc)
  • Show off the leading couple (you guys!)
  • Supporting actors need to be there too (close family and friends! Naturals and groups)
  • And the extras (the other guests) 

Cool, right?!

With the above process in mind, open your online gallery and first, aimlessly go through – with no number of images in mind – and heart/favourite every image you like that fits with the “favourite film” analogy. 

Once you’ve been through the whole gallery, in the top menu you can see all the favourites you’ve selected by clicking on ‘favourites’. 

Tip: Once your album is printed, it can’t be changed and will last a lifetime… so choose your film stars wisely! 

How many photos do I put in my wedding album? 

The size of your album will dictate how many images you can choose. As a rough guideline, a 9×9 with 30 pages will hold around 60 images. 

In the favourites section, you can start un-favouriting images to reduce the number. At this stage, I will start designing your album.

If you’re having trouble reducing the number, let me know. I can still design the album, see how many extra spreads we’re using and go from there. 

There is a handy comparison option within your online gallery, so that if you have two images which are similar you can bring them up, side by side, to see which is your no. 1 favourite. 

Remember: Focus on quality, not quantity! 

Do you have wedding album examples?

Absolutely! I have a number of examples I can show you pre-wedding if we meet up. Before the meeting you can browse them online here. During our 1:1 Zoom album consultation, we go through your album design and talk about any possible changes before it’s ordered. 

What is the best size for a wedding album?

The Queensberry albums start at 9×9 and go all the way up to a 14×10.  The smaller the album, the less images can be used. When deciding on size think about how many images you’re likely to want but also, think about where you are keeping it in your home. Measure the spot on the shelf or table to check the largest 14×10 will fit! 

Don’t forget you can upgrade album sizes and add additional pages if you want to.

Whose name goes first on a wedding album? 

I’ll leave this one up to you both to decide!! 🙂 As far as I’m concerned, there’s no right or wrong answer. With Queensberry albums you can personalise the front cover and there’s a translucent title page as the first page which is also customisable. 

I usually suggest your names on one, and the venue and date on the other.  

I am so excited to design your album and give you it to enjoy forever!

Laura xx




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