Newborn Baby Posing Workshop with Jillian Greenhill Photographer

Newborn Baby Posing Training

I fell in love with the newborn baby images which filled Pinterest and my facebook timeline, so when I saw a workshop advertised with Jillian Greenhill from Jillian Greenhill Photography I snapped up what was apparently the last place!

I travelled to Cheshire to spend the day with Jillian and around seven other photographers who were also wanting to learn the safety aspects as well as the technical details for producing gorgeous images of newborn babies.

Safe Practices

Jillian showed us the safe way to handle such precious and delicate babes in a number of poses on the beanbag and also in photography props. Jillian is also an amazing wrapper, and can wrap babies beautifully and she makes it look incredibly easy. I can tell you from experience…it is not!

As well as being able to capture the newborn models that day, I also took some behind the scenes images which I share with you below. Throughout the day we had four newborn models, and each was very well behaved, but then again Jillian is a baby whisperer! She was so calm and patient with the babies; it was incredicble to watch. Jillian used a number of set ups and showed us how to move smoothly through each one with minimal disruption to the sleeping baby.

Post Processing

The day finished with a two hour lesson in editing, which plays an important role in the overall process but can be minimised by getting everything correct in camera first.

I am so pleased I invested money and time into this workshop. It truely was one of the best things I ever did! I understand posing safely so to make sure baby is the number one priority in a photo session.

Laura xx


Newborn Baby Portrait | Telford | Shrewsbury | Shropshire


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