Shropshire Maternity Photography

Gorgeous Shropshire Spring Pregnancy Photography

Last spring (I know, it’s taken me AGES to blog this gorgeous shoot!) I was invited by this lovely couple to their home near Market Drayton, Shropshire to capture their pregnancy for a maternity photography session.

As I drove down the drive to their farm, the sun was bright and starting to set, there were animals running around and lots of trees, walls and fields for backdrops – I knew I was going to love this Shropshire maternity photography session.

Pregnant Melissa welcomed me and we got straight into the pregnancy photography session as the Shropshire spring evening sun light was fantastic and I was getting increasingly excited!

My portrait sessions cover you for up to two hours on the shoot, so we had a leisurely stroll around their Shropshire farm. I asked Melissa and her partner to stand or sit in various places, and I direct (not pose!) on all my portrait shoots, BUT I mainly ask couples to look at each other and just be together. This pair did this perfectly.

Including the pets!

At some points the pets on the farm became a little jealous and wanted some attention and to get in on the photo shoot – see if you can spot the cat and dogs!

You’ll also notice, that while I have shot the majority of the session as light and airy to suit the evening, I couldn’t resist photographing Melissa’s baby bump with some moody side light. And as the sunset, going a bit moody too – can you spot the image I mean?

Loved this shoot, spring evenings are just the BEST. I cannot wait to shoot at this time of year again this year! If you would like more information about a portrait session with me, please contact me.

I also popped back to the farm for a newborn shoot, which I’ll blog soon!

Laura xx

Shropshire Pregnancy Photographer


  1. Julie says:

    This location looks like a photographer’s heaven!! I love that the cat looked so happy with itself – great photo! Such a lovely gallery, I have no idea how they will choose their favourites fir the wall, they’re all beautiful xx

  2. These are amazing! What a backdrop as well 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    Wow, gorgeous photos. what an amazing place for a backdrop! x

  4. Nikki Hopes says:

    These photos are fantastic Laura. Such a great location and wide variety of images. Looking forward to seeing the newborn images!



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