What to Wear for a pre-Wedding Photography Session

You’ve decided to book an engagement shoot alongside booking me as your wedding photographer – wahoo!

You finally decided on the location – yas!

But then… 


You still have to decide what to wear for a pre-wedding photography session!

Keep reading to find out my 4 top tips to help you (easily) answer the question:

“What should I wear for my engagement photos?!”

1. Be comfortable in your outfit choices

Don’t try new looks or shoes during your engagement/pre-wedding photography session. The overall goal of the engagement session is to feel comfortable and work with me to get to know each other better. The one sure fire way to feel comfortable and confident is to wear something that is you. Let your personalities shine. You are more likely to “get into” the shoot and come out the other side having enjoyed yourself. 

2. Complement each other with what you choose to wear on your pre-wedding photography session

Complement is the key word here… do not match your outfits. Complement with neutral/muted tones, colours and styles. 

3. Wear outfits suitable for the location

So you’ve decided on a location, or maybe you’ve decided on your location because you already know what you’re going to wear…

Either way, heels and a cocktail dress aren’t going to be suitable for a walk up a hill. Make sure you dress accordingly. 

4. What to avoid wearing on your pre-wedding photography session 

I suggest you don’t wear clothing with bold logos, or anything that is a bright neon colour as this tends to distract from the overall image. And avoid wearing a style you are not used to wearing. 

I want to create timeless images for you that focus on your connection. Wearing logos and bright colours can move the attention away from you as a couple. 

Think back to photos taken in the 80s… Bright colours and flashy clothes date the images and are a distraction from what’s happening in the image – thanks to the amaze photographer Chloe Ramirez for this fab analogy!

I want you to love the photos of you both and not worry about what you’re wearing! 

Looking for some inspiration? See what my past couples have worn by browsing through this pre-wedding photography session gallery.

If you’ve come across this blog post and you haven’t booked me as your wedding photographer, but you’d like to chat – fab! – get in touch via the contact form!




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