Modern and Elegant Civil Indian Wedding at Davenport House

Elegant Wedding at Davenport House

This pair had me at “Davenport House.” When Neerali and Ketan contacted me about their Shropshire Davenport House wedding I was so excited! Hearing all their plans for the day, I just knew I wanted to be there…in case they didn’t book me as their wedding photographer, I marked the date in the calendar and thought I’d just casually drop by and crash the wedding!

Our initial chat

Over the phone, they filled me in about their plans for an English themed day at Davenport House, and how all the guests; including family and bridal party would not know anything about the day, not even the venue! They had plans for summer garden games, English afternoon tea with scones (jam or cream first?) and sandwiches, including Indian cheese pastries, a gin bar and later in the evening a bhangra acoustic due band.

A Surprise for the Guests

Props to them both as they kept everything a total surprise and all their family and friends were just lovely, and enjoying every moment. Ketan’s mum told me how happy she was to be in such a gorgeous venue in Shropshire for a wedding, and that she’d never been anywhere so beautiful, she especially loved seeing the cows in the field!

Joining the Laura May Photography team soon is Neerali’s Dad who I had a great conversation with about the importance of photography and capturing memories as at some point, it’s all we have left! So to make sure we all make amazing memories, and capture them too. He starts as my salesman soon 😉

Wedding Venue

After shooting at Davenport House with a fab team for a styled shoot recently – I really wanted to photograph a real wedding there and I am just so pleased it was this wedding!

There are so many spots for amazing couple portraits; the front steps, the front drive, the gardens, the back steps the back garden, the greenery surrounding the house and that’s not even mentioning all the inside spots. I go into way more info about this stunning venue on this page dedicated to all things Davenport House – a fan page!!

The Wedding Guest Book

Aaaaannndddd I can finally now share their London engagement photo shoot which I couldn’t share incase any of the guests found it…and they created a gorgeous Guest Book with the images for the wedding day.

For their engagement session they picked a place which would be in total contrast to the Davenport House venue, if you’re wondering where to have your engagement session this blog might be helpful to you!

If you are having your wedding at Davenport House, I would absolutely LOVE to chat to you about being your wedding photographer, so contact me…now!





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